What is included in the hardware kit?

Our standard door hardware kit includes:

6-Foot 7-Inch Rail: A single 6-foot 7-inch rail includes five pre-drilled holes every 16" on center. Rail is constructed of solid 1/4" thick steel, finished with our highly durable powder coating. This gets baked onto the steel at 400 degrees and creates the strongest bond possible.

- Rail Hardware: Five lag bolts with washers and five rail spacers attach the rail securely to the studs (or header board) for supporting up to 250 pounds comfortably.

- 2 Hangers: These hangers are built with our premium nylon wheels, which are often an expensive upgrade at other shops. We made these the standard wheel for all our kits, and have tested our finished hangers beyond 100,000 rolls. Two different sets of bolts for attaching hangers to the door are included in order to accommodate doors ranging from 1 1/4" to 1 3/4" thick.

- 2 Door Stoppers: Two door stoppers slide along the rail and tighten down at any point to stop your door exactly where you want, and they’re cushioned by rubber caps for a quiet close.

- Floor Guide: A T-shaped floor guide is supplied (with anchors) to prevent the door from swinging out or up against the baseboard.